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Our vision is to nurture our students to be logical thinkers, analytical problem solvers, and to have a creative mind.

The mathematics curriculum at Hai Sing Catholic School incorporates a variety of learning experiences. We seek to teach students to learn and understand mathematical concepts, so they discover ways of thinking and problem-solving. We aim to incorporate strong pupil engagement and participation in learning activities that help maximize their learning. Through these activities, pupils are given the opportunity to apply their mathematical knowledge to investigate situations, model real-life phenomena and solve problems.

To achieve our aim, we engage students in:
  • Activity based learning
  • Problem solving on real world context questions
  • Math trail Mathematics competitions which include
    - Singapore Mathematics Olympiad
    - Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
    - Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC)
    - All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students

Student Voice

‘With the mathematical concepts acquired in a classroom setting, could you use them in real-world applications, like determining the maximum human population or the best NBA player in the world? Well, we did just that. “The International Mathematical Modelling Challenge that we took part in gave us the platform to apply mathematical and scientific skills in a real-life setting. Through the process, we learned about the intricacies of Math modelling before attempting practice problems together. Through this competition, we have learned to be adaptable, disciplined, and to strive for problem. The Merit Award was testament to our hard work!’ – Enoch Abraham, 4 Truth