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PE & Aesthetics

Physical Education (PE)

The PE Department endeavours to enable students to demonstrate indivisible and with others, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active healthy living. We strive to build a strong foundation for the development of physical competencies for recreational participation in our students which are anchored on core values (respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, care and harmony). Our PE curriculum engages students in:

  • Physical Activities (comprises of net-barrier, striking-fielding and territorial-invasion games)
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Outdoor Education


Our curriculum is underpinned by the understanding that an appreciation of the cultural diversity of music is vital in developing open-mindedness towards the multiplicity of musical practices. We engage students in opportunities to explore a wide range of genres and styles to broaden and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of music. To lay the foundation for further study in music and to foster a lifelong appreciation and involvement in music, we involve students in:

  • Musicking and music making
  • Musical arrangement and theory
  • Performances
  • Social context and understanding

Student Voice (PE)

“PE lessons are my favourite lessons as we get to play our favourite games like soccer and badminton with our classmates. We also learn the game rules and skills required for the different types of games like volleyball, basketball, floorball, etc. We rotate through the games during the different terms. We get to play team-building games , First-aid skills and orienteering skills which can be used during our camps as well.”
- Jovan Tam Yu Kai, 2 Truth

Student Voice (Music)

“In music lessons we get to have fun learning and making music using a variety of musical instruments and equipment. We work together with classmates and take on different roles such as melody, harmony and rhythm to rehearse and perform music shows and covers. We also learn how to record and arrange music into digital audio workstations, which is a relevant skill in an ever-changing music industry. We learn and appreciate what some of the famous music artists have gone through: the process of music recording and production.”
- Zwe Mun Lin, 4 Graciousness