School Events

Hai Sing 60th Anniversary Dinner

The 海星 story is started by the FMM sisters at Upper Serangoon and has seen major school rebuilding projects. Let us all celebrate this HAI Life, Family and Spirit together as #onehaising as we seek your help to reach our school rebuilding target of $2.31 million. 

For donation of $100 or more, we will invite the donor to our 60th Anniversary dinner as an appreciation. In addition, for donation of $2k or more, you can also get a classroom with 10 tickets.

We are also hoping to have our very own “Truth Titans”, which is for donations of $5k or more. We will then issue a VIP ticket for you for the event. 


To book tickets, please download and complete and submit the donation form from this link A copy of the form can also be requested from our General Office for you to fill, when you are submitting your cheque.

Visit our HSC facebook for more information:

For enquiries please private message us, call the school or email

Do let us know the amount you would like to donate to help out in our cause. Proceeds will go towards the school building fund. You can request for tax deduction for the amount donated.