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Sec 1 Registration Package & SBB Briefing

Congratulations on your child/ward’s posting results!

We are excited to have him/her join us in 2022. To kickstart his/her Secondary 1 journey, our Hai Sing teachers and school leaders have prepared a short welcome video. Select the class that he/she has been allocated  to view the video!

Sec 1
Sec 1
Sec 1
Sec 1 
Sec 1
Sec 1 AdaptabilitySec 1  Graciousness

If you are unsure which class your child/ward has been allocated to, click here to view & acknowledge the registration package on Parents Gateway by 23rd December, 4pm.


Please take note that these are Key Dates and Actions that need to be done to ensure a smooth registration process. The estimated dates provided in the table are tentative. The dates will be updated closer to the final date of the PSLE result release.




Description & Remarks


22 Dec 2021

Sec 1 Registration Exercise

Online Registration via PG 

  • Mass Appeals to Transfer in please fill up appeal form here on school website and submit by 28 Dec 2021.
  • Medical Transfer, please report to school with all relevant medical supporting documents through Hai Sing Catholic School by 23 Dec 2021, 12pm. 



23 Dec 2021

Acknowledgement of Sec One Posting

Acknowledge your child/ward’s Secondary One Posting Result on Parents Gateway by 4pm.


22 to 30 Dec 2021

Online Order and Collection of Books, Stationery, Uniform & PE Attire

Order Books, Stationery, Uniform and PE-Attire online from 22 Dec 2021 and opt for Delivery or Self-Collection in school by appointment. Please refer to the Parents Gateway message which will be posted by 22 Dec 2021 for details.

Students who wish to apply for Financial Assistance, do not buy books or uniform until your application has been completed.


3 Jan 2022

School Holiday

No school



4 Jan 2022


First Day of School

On Tuesday, 4 Jan 2022, Sec 1 students will report in HSC half uniform (HSC Polo T-shirt with school shorts/skirts) by 7:40AM.

Live Broadcast Session for your child on school facebook page.

All Sec 1 students gather at the canteen, you will be directed to your respective classes. 

HAIsians are expected to be well groomed, with a proper haircut.

Hai Sing Catholic School has a strict mobile phone usage policy to regulate screen time while in school.

Your child’s handphone will be kept in the classroom securely from the start of school until school dismissal time.

If you need to contact your child/ward urgently, please contact the school General Office. 


4 - 6 Jan 2022

Sec 1 Back to School (BTS) Programme

Please refer to the HSC Sec 1 Orientation Booklet 2022 which will be distributed to the students on 4 January.

Essential items to bring daily:

      TraceTogether Token

      Personal Oral Digital Thermometer (ODT)

      English storybook

      Additional mask kept in mask case/ ziplock bag


5 Jan 2022

CCA exhibition and selection

CCA exhibition/selection for all Sec 1 students to learn about different CCAs in Hai Sing Catholic on 5 Jan 2022. Dismissal time will be at 5.30pm for all students. 


6 Jan 2022

Virtual Concert

Dismissal time will be 5.30pm for all students.


7 Jan 2022

Parents Virtual meeting with Principal

Webinar Session with our Principal

Address and Virtual interaction at 4pm. 


The Hai Sing Catholic School Parents Support Group would like to invite you to join the team in supporting the school programmes to enhance and enrich the school experience of all HAIsians.

Click on the link to find out more: Parent Support Group (PSG) Registration Form

 Our PSG Team with our principal during our Cross Country.

PSG with P.jpg


Your child/ward will receive information on the school timetable through his/her Form Teacher during the BTS Programme. Please ensure that the necessary books and materials are ready before the first day of lessons. Lessons will start on 7 January 2022. 

The uniform and booklist for Secondary One students is posted on our school website through this link:

You may place an online order for the textbooks and uniforms directly with the vendors and arrange for collection in school or home delivery at a fee.

With the current SMM in place, you are required to make an appointment before coming to the school to collect your child/ward’s textbooks and uniforms.

Please look out for the Parents Gateway message which will be posted once Sec 1 posting results are released for more details on the online order and for booking of appointments.

For collection of textbooks and uniforms for FAS students, please do note that it is strictly by appointment.


 The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance (MOE FAS) to needy Singapore Citizen students in Government or Government-Aided Schools. For needy students who are not eligible for the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme, the School Advisory Committee also provides financial assistance (SAC FAS).

All application forms need to be submitted together with the relevant documents to the school directly.

If you have queries on Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) matters, please visit for more details or contact Ms Nur Ismaliah Ismail at

For application of MOE FAS, please access the application form HERE through this link: 



There are three entrances into the school compound. The opening and closing times for the respective entry points are as follows:


Opens at

Closes at

Main gate

6.30 am

6.30 pm

Side gate (next to zebra crossing)

6.30 am

8.00 am

Side gate (next to condominium)

7.00 am

8.00 am

If you are fetching your child/ward to school by car, we would like to seek your cooperation to drop off your child/ward only at the location indicated on the following map. This will help to ensure smooth traffic during the peak hour.

map 1.png

In the event of wet weather, you may drive into the school compound and alight your child/ward at the foyer




7.30 AM – 2.30 PM


7.30 AM – 2.30 PM


7.30 AM – 3.25 PM


7.30 AM – 2.20 PM


7.30 AM – 12.35 PM


School Contact Information:


The school will issue consent forms via the PG app. Parents are encouraged to give their consent via the app. You can download your app through Apple App Store or Google Play Store to enjoy these features.

For more information on using Parents Gateway Mobile Application: 


key personnel information:

VI. General Rules for School

a. Attire

·     Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform; modification to the school uniform is strictly not allowed.

·     School uniform and socks must be made by the appointed school tailor. Pants and skirts must not be too tight-fitting.  Skirts must not be more than 2-finger spacing above the knees. Socks must cover the ankle when worn.

·     Shoes must be plain white with white shoe laces.

Attire & Grooming - Male Students



Attire & Grooming - Female Students


b. Appearance

·     Hairstyle must be conservative and not outlandish.

·     Hair colour must be natural. Any shade of colouring of hair (highlighting/dyes) is strictly not allowed.  

·     Hair for boys must be short, simple, neat and natural (no perming).

·     Girls with long hair that falls below collar must tie their hair neatly and firmly with plain hair band/ribbons/clips. The fringe must not fall below the eyebrows.

·     Fingernails must be kept short and neat. Nail polish is not allowed.

·     Only girls are allowed to wear one pair of identical ear studs on the ear lobes. Ear studs must be small, plain, metallic and without precious stones. Multiple piercings or earrings are not allowed.

·     Spectacles must be plain, non-tinted and not flashy.  Contact lenses must not be coloured.

·     Accessories of any kind (e.g. ring, chain, bracelet) are not allowed to be worn with the school uniform.

·     Religious items (e.g. religious amulets) if worn, must be hidden from view.


c. Policy on the use of Mobile Phone in school

Hai Sing Catholic School desires to develop healthy habits on the use of technology. From 2021, as part of the whole-school approach towards engaging HAIsians to be purposeful students, hand phones are not to be used during school curriculum hours. Hand phones, switched off or turned to silent mode at all times, will be stored securely and out of sight during curriculum hours, including recess time. Should parents/guardians have any urgent need to contact their child/ward during curriculum hours, do call the General Officer (65827864).

6. School Transfer (Medical, non-Medical / Transfer-in) Information 

Primary 6 students who have just received their secondary school posting in 2021 may use this form to appeal for transfer to Hai Sing Secondary.

Appeals to Transfer IN please fill up appeal form HERE on school website and submit by 28 Dec 2021.

Medical Appeal Exercise (MAE) – 23 December 2021, 8.30am to 12pm

Parents are to report to school with all relevant medical supporting documents through Hai Sing Catholic School by 23 Dec 2021, 12pm.

Applicants may call the school and check the outcome of their application with the school on 31 Dec 2021.

Applicants should continue to attend lessons in your original school posted while waiting for the results of the appeal.

New School Posting Letters will be given to successful applicants when any vacancy is available.

Secondary 1 Registration Exercise Subject-Based Banding (SBB) Online Briefing for Parents

SBB - Questions and Answers (Q&A) 23 December 2021



What is the eligibility criteria for SBB?

Students posted to the N(A) or N(T) course are eligible to take some subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue Languages) at more demanding level starting from Secondary 1 if they have performed well in these subjects at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE):

       Students posted to the N(A) or N(T) course who scored AL 5 or better for a PSLE Standard subject can take the subject at the Express level.

       Students posted to the N(T) course who scored at least AL 6 for a PSLE Standard subject or A in a PSLE Foundation subject can take it at N(A) level.

       There is a cap to maximum 3 SBB subjects to be offered to a student.

If I opt for a yes in the SBB for example for English, in the book list do I purchase the NA books?

If your child is in the NT course and is offered SBB N(A) English in year 2022, you will need to purchase the N(A) English books instead of the N(T) English books.

For N(A) students taking Express Mathematics, will my child be disadvantaged in terms of marks calculations for promotion or for laterally transfer into Express course in Secondary 2?

As marks will be converted following MOE guidelines, students taking SBB subjects will not be disadvantaged in the calculation of marks for progression and lateral transfer.

If my child does not opt for SBB now, will he be offered if he is in Sec 2?

Yes, if he meets the eligibility criteria at the end of Secondary 1.

If my child passes SBB every year, will he be able to take the subject at O level in Sec 4?

At the Upper Secondary level, Subject-Based Banding (SBB) is known as Out-of-Stream (OOS). When students take OOS subjects, at the end of Secondary 4, they will sit for the O-levels or N(A) level examinations for the OOS subjects they are taking.

What is the criteria for students to transfer from NA to Express?

For a student to be laterally transferred from Normal Academic to Express course the student needs to achieve an overall percentage of 70% or more.

Is there a quota for students promoted to Express course? Is this also applicable for a Sec 2 and 3 student who achieved a 70% mark to get promoted from Normal (academic) to Express course?

There is no quota on the number of students getting promoted to Express or Normal (Academic).

Students who meet the criteria will be given an offer to laterally transfer to Express/Normal (Academic). Students should then make a considered decision based on their aspirations and holistic strengths, bearing in mind the progression pathways that are available to each specific course.

Secondary 1 Higher Mother  Tongue (Q&A) 23 December 2021



How many Higher Chinese classes does Hai Sing Catholic School offer?

The number of classes depends on the number of eligible students being offered HCL. 

What is the percentage of students taking Chinese versus Higher Chinese in Hai Sing Catholic School?

The percentage varies from year to year, depending on students' choices and strengths. Students also come on board at later insertion points. 

If my child takes Higher Chinese, does she/he need to buy Express Chinese books?


As students will only be offered Higher Chinese, your child does not need to buy the Express Chinese books.

Will students taking Higher Chinese have to leave the classroom for classes separately during Chinese lessons if they are not grouped in the same form class?

Yes. Students taking Higher Chinese will report to a separate venue in the school for the lessons during Mother Tongue periods.

Must Higher Chinese be included in the computation of L1R5 to be awarded the 2 bonus points in the application for Junior College admission?

No, Higher Chinese need not be included in the computation of L1R5 for Junior College admission to be awarded the 2 bonus points.