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LLP - Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Guided by our school vision and the concept of servant leadership, we believe that every HAIsian is a leader capable of discovering their own life purpose anchored on Truth and Charity, forming a community that leads, cares and serves.

All HAIsians will be given opportunities to participate in two leadership developmental programmes that focus on different leadership aspects:


1)     Personal Advancement and Development in Leadership (  ) Programme; and

2)     Student Ambassadors in Leadership (   ) Programme.

The programmes help student leaders develop the desired skills and competencies required of their leadership roles through the active process of action, reflection and review:

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Talent Selection

We place strong emphasis on moral values, conduct and communication in our leadership talent selection. Selection of leadership talent is reviewed annually.

Our Student Leadership Emblem


Five figures with overlapping stripes and quadrants looking towards the “Star of the Sea”, and a figure extending its arm to form the shape of the heart.

Our core student leadership groups are:

·        Student Council

·        Catholic Fellowship Committee

·        Co-curricular Activities (CCA) Committee

·        Class Committee

The overlapping stripes and quadrants represent the different functions of the student leaders, and yet, harmoniously working together and envisioning a shared goal of serving Hai Sing Catholic School and reaching out to the Community with Compassion by capitalising on their respective strengths.

The emblem encapsulates our goal of developing leaders with the heart to serve.

Our Desired Leadership Qualities of Hai Sing Student Leaders


Responsible Decision Making with Compassion for Others

Every action and decision made is done with compassion for others.


Knowing Myself and Others Ÿ Being Exemplary

Discover one’s strengths and weaknesses through self-reflection. Acknowledge those of others and set a good example for others.


Collaborating with Others Ÿ Building Harmonious Teams

Support one another through collaborative efforts and teamwork. Unite in the effort to build a harmonious team.


Leading with Humility, Confidence and Integrity Ÿ Envisioning Goals, Empowering Others

Lead with humility, confidence and integrity. Set a common goal and empower others to reach the goals together.